Julius Caesar Jones

Winterreise company
Opéra de Vichy, France

French premiere of the opera Julius Cæsar Jones by British-Australian composer Malcolm Williamson.
Director Olivier Dhénin, Winterreise company.
Rerun at the theatre La Coupe d'Or, Rochefort.

Costume design, creation of masks and make up art direction by Hélène Vergnes.

pictures © Dominique Parat / La Montagne

«Olivier came back from Alaska. He wanted me to associate the Inuit culture to the ope- ra’s imaginary island. Some would say it was cultural appropriation - there is no easy answer to that.
I just remember reading so many books, spending so many hours to produce the masks that I genuinely fell in love with the Inuit culture.
You never forget those productions. They remind you that creating a costume is a true ritual, where every reference, gesture, material is bigger than you. They’re part of the performing arts tradition. It’s sacred.»

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