Limbic Shift dance company
Barnes Crossing, Cologne & The Busan International Dance Festival, Korea

Choreography: Louisa Rachedi & Martin Chaix / platform Limbic Shift
Costume : Hélène Vergnes
Pictures: credits Tillmann Franzen

«Martin, Louisa and I met at the Ballett am Rhein. We discovered we‘re born in the same town and called ourselves «the Albigensian mafia of Düsseldorf». Is it our childhoods spent in the shadow of Albi’s Cathedral or the Cathars history? This Chimera led us to the Middle Age and its embodiments of the ambiguious, deceptive forces of -human- nature.

«It is us and it is not». While driven by a distant past and its colourful illuminations, it was important to anchor the costumes in our contemporary world. I’m fascinated by sportswear and especially training clothes, improvised, changing, which reveal the dan- cer’s own identity as much as its belonging to a company. It was a pleasure to reunite a dragon skin armour with the well-known three stripes. A strange but obvious creature.»
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